Integrating Ozone into a Commercial Laundry Process


In recent years, there has been quite a bit of talk around ozone in a commercial laundry setting.  Many have tried to sell ozone as a one size fits all solution, solving all problems and completely eliminating hot water and chemical usage.  While there is reduction in hot water and chemical usage, ozone will not eliminate hot water or chemical usage entirely, as ozone is only effective on water soluble stains. (more…)

Smart laundry equipment to meet today’s demands

A typical commercial on premise laundry is a system of machines, including washers, dryers, ironers, and folders working together with water heaters, boilers, water softeners, chemical dispensing systems and more to provide a large quantity of laundered goods in a reasonable amount of time using the minimum amounts of energy, labor, and time.  In a large part, the interaction between these different systems determines determines how efficiently this process can happen. (more…)

Creating Efficient Wash Processes

Efficient washing generally has 4 aspects:

1.  Temperature
2.  Time
3.  Chemicals
4.  Mechanical Action

In order to wash at the highest efficiency, all of these factors must be in balance, and this balance has changed since it was developed in 1959 by Dr. Herbert Sinner. (more…)