Proper Healthcare Laundering Stop Infections

A great article was just published in this month’s TRSA Textile Services Magazine.

3.1.2_bacteria_3Health care laundering procedures are effective at preventing the spread of infection via laundered clothing in the workplace, according to a research review published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.

“Recent innovations in the laundry industry have led to major advances in laundry equipment, laundry chemicals, fiber and fabric technology, and laundry facility design and engineering,” Lynne M. Sehulster, PhD, infectious disease epidemiologist at the CDC, wrote.

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The Easy Solution for Hospital Laundry

barrier washer for hospital laundry

During any given hospital stay, patients spend most, if not all, of their time in bed.  That means they are surrounded all day with hospital linens.  From their gown to their sheets and blankets patients have more contact with these items than anything else in the hospital. (more…)

The Top 7 Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundry Machines

Maintaining Commercial Laundry Machines

Commercial Laundry Machines, like any other machine, contain many moving parts that need attention from time to time.  If the machines are not looked after and maintained properly, the return on investment will be very poor.  Instead of making your operation efficient and reducing the costs of doing laundry, expenses for repair and downtime will loom large.


Why We Love Small Piece Folders (And You Should, Too!)

We Love Small Piece Folders!

She needs small piece folders

  1. Wash.
  2. Dry.
  3. Fold.

Seems simple enough, but how many times have you quit at step 2? Even for a commercial laundry this step can be the lease efficient one in the process – until you add small piece folders to your laundry arsenal. This bit of fabulous laundry technology can easily do the work of three of four people in less time with more consistent results.

First, we’ll look at what these folders are. Many people call a small piece folder a towel folder because that’s what it’s most commonly used to do, but most can fold a variety of other small items like shirts, scrubs, small blankets, pillowcases, twin sheets and much more.

Instead of the tedious and monotonous job of folding towels by hand, all you have to do is put the towel on the conveyor belt and the machine takes over and does the rest!



Softmounts in Commercial Laundry – The Science of Sexy Spring Suspension

Boiled Eggs. Selling. Washing Machines. What do these things have in common? Go to the head of the class if you guessed hard or soft.

The Soft SellThe Soft Sell

Over the years, there has been quite a bit of confusion regarding the choice of machine type for a commercial laundry. Unless the laundry was on an upper floor, conventional wisdom said choose a hardmount commercial washer due to the lower perceived pricing of a hardmount.