G-Force and Your Commercial Washer

Most (but not all) manufacturers of commercial washers publish the G-Force of their washer-extractors. Have you ever wondered about the significance of this number and where it comes from?


The Importance of Wash Cylinder Volume in a Commercial Washer

Why are commercial washers and commercial dryers sold by capacity in pounds?  After all, when you purchase just about any other cylinder shaped object (like a washer basket or dryer basket) it would be rated in some unit of volume (quarts, gallons, bushels, etc.).  Most laundry carts have their capacities listed in bushels.  Even a lowly bucket has its capacity shown in quarts or gallons.  So why is there a difference when it comes to your washer or dryer?


Safety in your Commercial Laundry

Safety is of primary importance when operating your commercial laundry.  Injuries lead to lost time and productivity in the best case, while leaving the business open to lawsuits in the worst case.  While all manufacturers do what they can to make the machines as safe as possible, poor maintenance and usage can undo all of this good work and lead to injury if best practices are not followed.


The Cabinet Dryer – Gentle Drying for Delicate Fabrics

Cabinet dryers, popular in Europe for decades, provide the most gentle drying available and protect delicate fabrics that should not be tumble dried in a standard laundry dryer.  Our wonderful intern, Eric Bruce, has put together a convenient infographic that explains the wonders of cabinet drying. (more…)