Determining if your Commercial Washer’s Main Bearings are Failing

Determining if your Commercial Washer’s Main Bearings are Failing

It’s a scenario every commercial laundry owner dreads – a commercial laundry repair service technician informing you that your washer requires major service, the main bearings must be replaced. Since this type of failure typically only happens after the machine has been in use for many years, you may not be familiar with the indications that exist when bearing fail. Luckily, there are several signs that the main bearings in a commercial washing machine may be failing, including:

  • Loud, grinding noises during operation: If you hear a loud, grinding noise coming from the washing machine, this may be a sign that the bearings are failing. As the bearings wear down, they can cause metal-to-metal contact and generate a grinding noise.
  • Vibration and shaking: If the washing machine is vibrating excessively or shaking during operation, this may also be a sign of failing bearings. When the bearings are damaged, they can cause the drum to be out of balance and lead to increased vibration.
  • Leaks: If you notice a leak around the base of the washing machine, this may indicate that the bearings have failed and are allowing water to escape.
  • Difficulty turning the drum: If the drum is difficult to turn by hand, this can be a sign that the bearings have failed. A failed bearing can cause friction and make it difficult to rotate the drum.

If you suspect that the main bearings in your commercial washing machine are failing, it’s important to have the machine inspected and repaired by a professional to avoid further damage and ensure the machine is safe to use. Remember, if you hear an odd noise or notice that your laundry equipment isn’t behaving as it normally does, the time to call for service is now. Waiting will never improve the problem and you just know that a catastrophic failure will be waiting for you during your busiest week.

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