Wash Chemistry and its Impact on Linen Life in your Commercial Laundry

During the wash process, laundry chemicals are introduced to aid in the removal of stains, oils, and other contaminants found in the goods. Under normal circumstances, the chemicals used in the wash process are properly dosed and adequately rinsed. If not managed properly, the chemicals can cause damage to the goods and shorten their service life.  Here are some simple things to watch out for in your commercial laundry process that can reduce the lifespan of your textiles:


Humidity Sensing Saves Time, Energy, and Money in Your Commercial Laundry

Humidity Sensing Saves Time, Energy, and Money

B&C Technologies Humidity Sensor

We all know that tumble dryers aren’t particularly gentle, but along with the tumbling action, there are other dangers lurking in the dryer. Over drying can damage or shrink fabrics, and a moisture sensor minimizes that possibility. Commercial Laundry dryers equipped with a moisture sensor can save up to 15% on energy costs over standard timed drying by measuring the remaining water left in the goods, and stopping the drying process when they are dry.

There are quite a few worthwhile benefits of moisture sensing:


Coated Drying Cylinders make Healthcare Laundry Maintenance Easier!

Great blog post from our friends at DECC. If you’re processing healthcare laundry, you may be experiencing the very problem that they can help you solve: melted plastic inside the dryers. Take a look for more information from our friend Randy at DECC:

Dryer Panel Coating – A Case Study

There’s also a great video explaining the process!

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Soft Water and Your Commercial Laundry

The importance of soft water in a commercial laundry

What if I told you that you could save money, reduce energy consumption, and increase your commercial laundry‘s efficiency?  If you’ve got hard water, the answer may be a phone call away.  Most of the United States has at least moderately hard water, so if you’re in an area with naturally soft water consider yourself lucky!  The map below gives a general look at water hardness levels throughout the US.  Of course, your mileage may vary.


Understanding Moisture Retention in your Commercial Laundry

In our industry, we spend quite a bit of time talking about G-force and how important it is to understand and account for.  In fact, there are a few posts dealing with the subject on this very blog!  As a companion to G-force, today we’ll talk about moisture retention and how this easy measurement plays into the overall efficiency and throughput of your commercial laundry as well as how it affects the drying and finishing operations as well as larger considerations like linen life.