Clean Turnout Gear – A Must for All Firefighters

FC-20 Fireman's Gear Drying Cabinet

Clean Turnout Gear – A Must for All Firefighters

Picture yourself as a fire fighter, responding to a call where, in the chaos of a burning structure, you inadvertently brush against a bookshelf, causing bottles to fall. Unbeknownst to you, one of these bottles is filled with lamp oil, and it spills onto the arm of your turnout gear. In a subsequent fire, your once-innocent arm becomes a hazardous torch, posing a threat to both you and your team.

Upon returning to the station, the crucial decision arises: Do you clean your gear, or does the time-consuming nature of the process discourage you from doing so? The message is clear – never overlook cleaning your gear. Instead, confront problems head-on and solve them using the right tools.

Enter the commercial-grade Firehouse duty HE Series washer-extractor, specifically designed to meet NFPA guidelines. NFPA recommends a hard mount machine with a maximum extract of 100G to prevent turnout gear wear, making the HE Series Firehouse Duty Washer-Extractor the ideal solution.

Drying turnout gear is of utmost importance, as the presence of excess moisture can turn into steam during firefighting, causing severe burns. Various options have been explored, such as hanging gear indoors (extremely time-consuming), in the sun (not recommended by NFPA due to UV damage), or on PVC pipes with room temperature air (improving but with significant drawbacks).

The ultimate solution is our FC-20 Fireman’s Drying Cabinet equipped with humidity sensors and cutting-edge technology. Operating with 3 fans and gentle electric heat, it ensures the most efficient dry time, guaranteeing completely dry gear with minimal moisture left. This innovative approach not only maximizes comfort but also minimizes unnecessary wear on the gear. The humidity sensor ensures that the drying process stops when the goods are dry, eliminating potential damage from over drying.

Contaminates like soot, dust, and surface dirt can pose serious hazards. Immediate cleaning after each use is crucial, involving laundering and regular use of special cleaners to eliminate dust, dirt and other contaminates.

To underscore the importance of maintaining clean gear, the consequences of dirty turnout gear are profound. Dirty gear is more likely to conduct heat, become flammable, compromise visibility due to reflective trim issues, and expose firefighters to hazardous contaminants that can break down the protective properties of the gear, increasing the risk of combustion, burns, diseases, and even death.

Of course, turnout gear gets wet both from the work itself and during laundering. Fully dry personal protective equipment is absolutely necessary to avoid steam burns caused by water flashing into steam in partially wet gear during a fire. The moisture leading to steam burns can originate from sweat, firefighting water, or laundry. Ensuring gear is completely dry is vital, as dampness dramatically increases the risk of steam burns.

In conclusion, the overarching message should resonate strongly – take care of your gear, and it will take care of you. The emphasis on cleanliness and dryness is not just about gear longevity but, more importantly, about safeguarding the lives of those who put themselves on the front lines to protect others.

Fun fact! Did you know that a typical firefighter’s turnout gear weighs 45 pounds (21kg)!

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