Upgrading Commercial Laundry Equipment for Efficiency and Productivity

The old days of washingUpdating your commercial laundry equipment can save you money and increase your profits not only in the short term, but also in the long run through gains in efficiency, productivity, and repair costs.  Take a look at some key parts of your operation and see why upgrading makes good sense for your bottom line.

A tilting function makes unloading quick and easy.

A tilting function makes unloading quick and easy.

Save Labor

Tilt functions, available on many industrial and commercial washers and dryers, saves a tremendous amount of labor by automating the unloading process. Not only will your laundry save time, but reductions in reaching and grasping injuries due to manually unloading the laundry can be greatly reduced or eliminated. Unload times are reduced by a factor of 5, allowing you to add valuable production time and increase the efficiency of the laundry. Adding tilting the the laundry can allow you to run 1 additional wash and dry program per day – this is an increase of almost 13% for each 8 hour shift.  Laundries still using machines with divided washing cylinders or multi-pocket machines can show tremendous gains in productivity and reduced repetitive injury risks.

Modern controls allow much greater precision in the laundry process.

Modern controls allow much greater precision in the laundry process.

Save Water and Utilities

Our modern world has produced a host of new technologies to make life easier – your laundry facility can now benefit from these same innovations.  Newer microprocessors control the water level in the machine within one half of an inch, allowing the water level to be dialed in precisely for each wash program step.  No more compromising with only 2 or 3 wasteful water levels.  Flexible modern controls also can stop the drying process when the goods are dry to avoid wasting expensive fuel and time in the drying process.

A dilution extract makes it possible to save additional water.

A dilution extract makes it possible to save additional water.

Additional Savings

Modern controls also allow additional water savings through precision programming.  It is possible to program a diluting extract, which increases the effectiveness of the rinse steps and eliminates the need for extra rinsing.  By eliminating water, wash chemicals, and soils in this manner, as many as 2 rinses can be replaced and up to 10 minutes can be saved.  Water consumption per cycle can be reduced by almost 1/2 gallon per pound of wash capacity.  For example, a 275 pound washer programmed in this manner can expect to save over 100 gallons per wash.  This technique tends to work best in cases where the goods are lightly soiled.

Commercial laundries stand to receive real benefits when replacing older and inefficient equipment, including labor savings, water and utility savings, and productivity and efficiency gains.  Outfitting your laundry with the latest technology will improve profitability and peace of mind.

Interested in an upgrade? Contact B&C Technologies today for assistance!

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  1. I see that picture of all the women ironing and washing, and I cringe. I couldn’t imagine what that would be like. I bet commercial washers and dryers do save a lot of labor, and it makes sense that they save in utilities. Instead of having to load a bunch of smaller machines, you can put it all in a big one. I’m glad we don’t have to wash by hand these days.

    • Tracey Adcock
      May 4, 2016 - 8:31 am

      Agreed, Nash! Modern laundry equipment makes the job so much easier!

  2. Thank you for pointing out that you can save on water and utilities by making sure your laundromat has the best equipment. Making sure you are getting the best washers and other equipment seems like something every laundromat owner should look into.

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