Why We Love Small Piece Folders (And You Should, Too!)

We Love Small Piece Folders!

She needs small piece folders

  1. Wash.
  2. Dry.
  3. Fold.

Seems simple enough, but how many times have you quit at step 2? Even for a commercial laundry this step can be the lease efficient one in the process – until you add small piece folders to your laundry arsenal. This bit of fabulous laundry technology can easily do the work of three of four people in less time with more consistent results.

First, we’ll look at what¬†these¬†folders are. Many people call a small piece folder a towel folder because that’s what it’s most commonly used to do, but most can fold a variety of other small items like shirts, scrubs, small blankets, pillowcases, twin sheets and much more.

Instead of the tedious and monotonous job of folding towels by hand, all you have to do is put the towel on the conveyor belt and the machine takes over and does the rest!



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Published onTue Feb 10 byTraceyAdcock