Safety in your Commercial Laundry

Safety is of primary importance when operating your commercial laundry.  Injuries lead to lost time and productivity in the best case, while leaving the business open to lawsuits in the worst case.  While all manufacturers do what they can to make the machines as safe as possible, poor maintenance and usage can undo all of this good work and lead to injury if best practices are not followed.


Planning a Commercial Laundry?

Sometimes it’s tricky to figure out all the things you’ll need if you’re considering building or even adding onto an existing commercial laundry.  In this post, I’ll hit some of the high notes as well as give you some additional things to think about as you do your research.


Getting your Commercial Laundry Ready for the Season

Remember that end-of-season inspection report we talked about at the end of last season?  Time to break it out and go through each item so that your commercial laundry is ready to tackle the season ahead with a minimum amount of fuss.

Now that you’re months down the road, hopefully you took notes about that noise you wanted to check out before next season. Since you were proactive (right?), you have a big head start on maintenance that will leave your equipment in top condition and ready for another productive season.  Good machine care, with proper maintenance and repair not only helps ensure proper operation and long life, it helps maintain resale value.


Too Much Laundry? Consider Commercial Laundry Equipment!

Buried under laundry

Every now and then we’ll get a call from someone (hair salons, animal shelters, schools, and the like) asking us about the differences between home style washers and commercial laundry equipment. There is definitely a difference and fortunately it only takes a few simple questions to determine which one is the smarter buy for your particular need. (more…)